1. When can I enrol my child?

Enrolment is done all year round. The level will depend on the entrance assessment (Mathematics and English). Remedial and revision classes are arranged for students who require it.

2. What if my child is from a Chinese school?

The level will depend on the entrance assessment (Mathematics and English). Remedial work can be arranged for students who require it.

3. Can students begin Year 1 at 6 years old?

Students will be given an entrance assessment before being enrolled into classes. Students are placed in classes according to their capabilities and understanding.

4. What about your fees?

We offer affordable quality education. Please see the Fees Structure 2021.


1. What syllabus do we use?

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) by the University of Cambridge is used for Year 10 and Year 11. The syllabus for Year 1 to 9 mainly follows the UK syllabus, eventually preparing them for the IGCSE. However, Singapore Mathematics is used during the lower secondary years in order to reinforce their foundation in Mathematics, especially for students who may be opting for Additional Mathematics. We also offer Mandarin / French, Communication classes to enhance this essential skill in students as well as Character Development classes besides the core subjects.

2. Is Bahasa Malaysia compulsory? What about Mandarin?

Both Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin subjects are in the timetable. International students can opt not to take both classes but must remain in class while the lesson is on. Parents who do not wish their child to take Mandarin or Bahasa Malaysia classes must write in to the Principal.


For Year 7 to Year 9 Secondary students, there is an option to choose between Mandarin or French lessons.

3. What if my child needs extra help?

Remedial classes can be arranged.

4. What if my child has special needs?

We have a programme where students with special learning needs can attend before moving into mainstream classes.

5. How big is the class size?

Our number of students per class is approximately 24 students.

6. What security precautions are in place?

  • CCTV
  • Fire Drills
  • Security Guards
  • Railing around the perimeter
  • Dismissal and Arrival Duties
  • Students are monitored during meal times
  • Staff first aid training

7. What are the major events in the year?

  • Sports Day
  • Charity Carnival
  • Awards Day
  • Graduation & Concert
  • Educational Field Trips
  • International Day
  • STEM Week
  • Entrepreneurial Week
  • Language Week
  • National Festive Celebrations
  • Public Speaking and Debates Week
  • Youth Workshops and Camps