“My son Rahul Mahendran has been happily in Year 1 for the past eight months. In the beginning, Legacy was my first option because of its convenient locale and reasonable tuition fees. Since then, it’s become more than just that. After these few months, I especially like how the teachers are caring toward the students – how they nurture them through positive reinforcement.
To me, a school is as good as its teachers and I must say, Legacy is a good school. I truly believe that with passionate and committed teachers, the rest will fall in place.
Rahul has always been apprehensive when it comes to speech and language. But ever since he joined Legacy, he has come to love the English language. Not only that, he even embraced BM and Mandarin as well. Seeing him enjoying school so much is the most rewarding experience any parent could ever have.”



“Mahesh and Govind Jayakumar are currently in Year 3 and have been with Legacy since they were in Year 1. For me, teachers are paramount and they are what makes a school. They are essential to help children comprehend the topics before moving to the next topic.
The highlight of the school for me would be the recognition my sons received for their accomplishments! It shows the school is appreciative and rewards outstanding performances. Overall, I would say it is a good school.”



“My daughter Sneha is currently in Year 4 (Loyalty). I initially enrolled her because of the convenience of the location and the uniquely affordable fees. I quickly realised that I had made the right decision as I found the extra-curricular activities to be sufficient and more than that, the teachers to be caring and concerned for the wellbeing of the students!
Caring teachers are trusted by parents. If that responsibility/caring element is evident in Legacy teachers (I would say yes; Legacy has very trustworthy teachers), I believe the academic performance will be proven, irrespective of the available facilities.”



Woo Julian, Year 11 Student
“The teachers are nice and show they care about you.”



Ho Wan Ming, Year 11 Student
“The teachers are committed and hardworking.”



Mr & Mrs Foh, Year 10 Parents
“Closely-knitted group of students.”