Community Service

Our students recognise we are part of a larger society and are responsible to contribute towards its betterment. In 2019, our students raised funds for the less fortunate children by putting together public live performances in PJ Live Arts Centre. Incorporated in our school calendar are plans to have one community service event every month.


Sports and Physical Education

Research has shown that regular physical activity leads to happier (and healthier) children. We now know that when we exercise, our bodies release endorphins that reduces stress levels and triggers a positive feeling in the body.

Our coach is a seasoned and qualified educator who believes in improving minds and bodies through his exercise regimes. All Physical Education sessions are fun and interactive with national, district, inter-school and internal competitions as well.


Field Trips

Field trips are organised at least twice a year. The purpose of these field trips are to further engage students, building inquisitive minds while fostering closer bonds with their teachers outside the classroom.


Co-curricular activities

Co-curricular activities are many fun and educational. We run them once a week, giving students the opportunity to develop particular skills and exhibit their non-academic abilities – such as art & craft, creative arts, podcast, cooking or even board games. Apart from that, we also have students participate in apps development, essential living skills, inventors, mathematics, science or computer clubs too. These activities are compulsory and take place during schooling hours.


Internal activities

At Heritage, we expose our students to the different local cultures and celebrations. The events we carry out, whether it be in a form of dance, skit or song, revel in the diversity of our home country, Malaysia.


The Heritage Buzz

Students are encouraged to take over the production of the newsletter, either through contribution of articles or by organising the production. It allows them to reflect on what they have done, empowers them to take on responsibility and contribute to the school community.